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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Homes Fast: Everything to Know

Jul 30, 2021 | Selling a Home

In 2020, home sales were the highest they had been in 14 years. The property market is booming, causing excitement across the country. But are you one of those people who just want to get a property sold without a fuss?

Not everyone wants the hassle of selling. If you want a quick sale, read on for our guide on selling homes fast.

Know Your Options

When it comes to selling a house fast, there are three main options. These include using the services of a real estate agent, going the for sale by owner (FSBO) route, or targeting cash for home buyers and companies. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents do have a lot of value when it comes to selling your home. They will know how to set a fair house price, placing you in a competitive market. In addition, they will have inside knowledge of the process, helping it move much quicker.

One of the downsides is that a real estate agent will charge a fee of 6%. If you decide to drop the price of the house for a quicker sale, this can really cut into your profit. Add fees and costs on top and a sizable amount will be gone.

Also, there is no guarantee an agent will make the home sell quicker. Market demand and the type of property all play a part.


People generally take the FSBO route when they don’t want to pay money on the agent commission. Doing it this way takes time and effort and is not always conducive if you want to sell homes quickly.

This is because you are responsible for everything, including all the jobs normally done by an agent. This can include preparing the property, taking pictures, marketing it, and arranging all of the legalities.

Without the experience and knowledge of an agent, you may also struggle to get buyers. You will have to find the right places to post, and without the network an agent has, it will be tough. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, such as being a retiree, then this is probably not for you.

Cash for Home Buyers

Cash home buyers buy low and sell high. They are interested in properties for repair purposes. Once they have fixed them up, they sell them for a higher price and make a profit on the difference.

The downside to this is you will get a lower offer for your home. However, once you weigh it up against the agent’s fees and marketing costs for FSBO routes, the difference is less than you would think. It also has numerous benefits.

As they want to fix the house, cash buyers very rarely want you to make any improvements. It isn’t necessary to spend money on repairs and renovations. They buy the property as-is.

Sales are also very fast. They can be turned around in less than half the time it would take to sell a property other ways. As you are not selling in a chain, you also have fewer variables that could stop a sale from going through.

Things to Do When Selling Homes Fast

If you decide to go for sale by an agent or FSBO, then you have a number of tasks to take care of to get the best deal and sell homes quickly. Below are some considerations you need to address:

Improve Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the term real estate agents use to describe the look of your house’s exterior. Very often, it is the first view the potential buyer gets, often from the curb outside. This makes it really important to make a good impression.

If you have a yard or garden, then begin to clear it up. Move any furniture or children’s toys that spoil the appeal. You should also clear any pathways.

After this, consider landscaping. Many people hire a professional, though this can increase costs and booking takes time. Instead, spend a weekend cutting back shrubbery, mowing the lawn, and trimming bushes.

Turn your attention to the building itself. Repair any siding and give the house a coat of exterior paint. Any worn and tired doors or windows should be replaced.

Consider a Storage Unit

When visitors come to view the property, it needs to be tidied and decluttered. For many people, this isn’t viable. If you have a family, hiding away all the things you need is just not possible.

Consider hiring a short-term storage unit. This will let you house all of your items off the premises, making the home itself look clean and tidy. Of course, it is more expense and time on your part.

Do Minor Repairs

If you are wondering how to sell a home that needs repairs and your budget is tight, then start small. Test all water outlets like taps and showerheads and ensure they are not leaking. Make sure all drawers and doors close smoothly and do not creak.

After this, repair all holes and cracks in the walls. All kitchen appliances should be working and up to date, as well as systems like heating and AC. If your budget extends far enough, you may even consider upgrading some appliances.

Of course, all of this takes time and money. If you do not have the inclination, then selling to a cash buyer may be for you instead.

Selling Homes Fast

Selling homes fast comes down to three options. Two involve time, effort, and money. The other is quick and easy with a slightly reduced price as the caveat.

If you want a quick cash sale, then Blue Badger Homes should be your first stop. We offer cash for properties in all conditions. Contact us to arrange a consultation and get your offer.

Ultimate Guide to Selling Homes Fast: Everything to Know
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Ultimate Guide to Selling Homes Fast: Everything to Know
Not everyone wants the hassle of selling. If you want a quick sale, read on for our guide on selling homes fast.
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Blue Badger Home Buyers
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