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Hey All! 👋🏼

We recently launched our Partner Promissory Program (PPP) @ Blue Badger Home Buyers.

Wondering if you qualify, or want to apply? Fill out our application below.

❓What is the PPP program?

Well, we find an underpriced asset like this one in the picture below 🏚 (we have this house under contract for $110,000 with a market value of $185,000-$200,000)

Now is where it gets fun! 🥳 We open each project up to one or multiple people to join in the real estate investing opportunity 💰

Some of our partners invest in one project all on their own, and some are able to pool their funds together or come in as a partial partner (strength in numbers!) 💪🏼

This allows an ‘average joe’ to get their real estate investing fix without having to work at it full-time. They earn a HEFTY return compared to their money sitting in a savings account or elsewhere 📉

A few months later our partners receive their principle back PLUS their interest! 💰🎉🎉🎉🔥

We also win because we then have the ability to find more homes and work with our friends! We like the idea of putting money in the pockets of those in our community!

🙋🏻‍♂️ One of our biggest questions is “I want to invest in real estate but I only have $xx,xxx to invest so I probably can’t”


Multiple partners only have a certain amount of funds, but that’s where we are able to join forces (remember strength in numbers) and invest as a group!

🤔 Why do our partners choose this route?

✅ We’ve paid back every dime we’ve borrowed
✅ They trusted us
✅ We come across multiple deals a month
✅ They earn money while they sleep
✅ Their money is working for them, not them working for their money
✅ Their money is secured by the UNDERVALUED asset (the house is worth more than what their money into it is)
✅ Money borrowed = Deed of trust/Promissory Note

✅ MOST OF ALL they get to invest with people they know like and trust and we get to build something special TOGETHER 😊

🏚🛠🤩 Here are some pictures of a home we have available for funding.

ADDED: Someone asked me what the rate of return is that they can expect. We don’t get into that right off the bat because there are rules and regulations about solicitation and raising capital. We like to get to know our partners first before we move forward with any deals! Let’s get to know each other!

Partner Promissory Program

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